12 March 2024

MARCUS Academy, a trusted business partner in education – IAB Poland Interactive Industry Map 2023/2024

We are extremely pleased to announce that MARCUS Academy has joined the prestigious cohort of partners included in the IAB Poland Interactive Industry Map for 2023/2024.

MARCUS Academy is an ongoing educational project founded by the ONE House capital group in 2016. Its mission is to advance and share knowledge from a broad spectrum of marketing subjects. Our cyclical educational seminars are led by expert practitioners whose careers are dedicated to marketing and advertising. To date, we have trained over a thousand participants at MARCUS Academy and received excellent reviews, with the average rating for our courses at 4.7 out of 5.0.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is a global organization that brings together professionals and companies from the marketing, advertising, and interactive media sectors. Its goal is to promote standards and best practices in the fields of digital, interactive, and internet marketing.

Interactive Industry Map  – A Compendium of Knowledge and Business Support

The Interactive Industry Map, published annually by the IAB, serves as a comprehensive compendium that showcases key information about the major players in the digital market. It not only provides insights into meaningful trends and innovations but also highlights companies distinguished for their level of service and commitment to the industry’s development. IAB Poland presents updated and interactive logos for 226 different companies and their 315 brands. The map was created to allow businesses to identify suitable partners for their e-marketing needs, from content creation to sales and services.

For more information: https://www.iab.org.pl/aktualnosci/mapa-branzy-interaktywnej-2023-2024/

Our inclusion in the 2023-2024 Interactive Industry Map, alongside companies like DIMAQ, affirms our position as a leader in marketing education. This is not just an honor but also provides evidence of our commitment to providing high-quality education that reflects the latest industry trends and standards.

Furthermore, ONE House and its subsidiaries were placed in eight different categories in areas such as:

  • 360 Agencies
  • Media houses
  • Performace agencies
  • SEM/SEO/SXO agencies
  • e-commerce agencies
  • Creative agencies
  • Training and certifications

MARCUS Academy – 2024 seminars

Our professional seminars are adapted to the needs of businesses and offer practical courses in different areas of marketing. We invite you to explore our latest course offerings scheduled for 2024: https://marcusacademy.pl/.