25 June 2024

ONE House Continues Partnership with OMRON Healthcare in European Markets

Marketing communications agency ONE House is continuing its partnership with OMRON Healthcare, a leading manufacturer of medical devices and healthcare technology. The international pitch tender, held in 2023, saw intense competition from a number of renowned agencies, including from the Dutch branch of Dentsu, which had previously serviced the account. Collaboration between ONE House and OMRON Healthcare began in April 2023 and will continue indefinitely.

Under this partnership, ONE House is responsible for implementing comprehensive marketing activities in key European markets, including Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and Italy. The scope of services provided by ONE House includes planning and purchasing digital campaigns, online activity analytics, and the production of digital content.

“We are extremely proud that OMRON Healthcare has placed this level of trust in us. It is a great honor that underscores our expertise and commitment to delivering the highest quality marketing services,” says Marcin Piecewicz, CEO of ONE House. “Our goal is to continue supporting OMRON Healthcare in their mission to improve people’s quality of life worldwide through innovative medical solutions,” Piecewicz adds.

“In response to the evolving digital landscape, our organization decided to enhance our digital paid media marketing communication approach, transitioning from silo-based account management methods to a more dynamic and data-driven strategy. Recognizing the need for change to ensure continued growth, after a detailed pitch process, OMRON Healthcare EMEA partnered with One House, a leading digital advertising agency renowned for their innovative solutions. Their extensive expertise in digital paid media and deep understanding of our specific needs made them the ideal partner. One House guided us through the decision-making process, helping us select the most effective strategies and tools to achieve our goals while maintaining cost efficiency,” says Özgür Kenanoglu, Digital Marketing & eCommerce Group Manager of OMRON Healthcare Europe.

“Transition processes are usually hectic, but thanks to One House’s great collaboration and execution capability, we successfully enhanced our digital paid media strategy by leveraging advanced targeting techniques, optimizing ad spend, and continuously refining our campaigns. Their collaborative and dedicated approach resulted in significant improvements in our digital advertising performance, evidenced by better media quality. The decision to overhaul our digital advertising strategy and partner with ONE House has proven transformative, paving the way for sustained growth and success. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to ONE House for their exceptional expertise and unwavering dedication, which have aligned perfectly with our organizational objectives,” Kenanoglu adds.

ONE House works directly with the European headquarters of OMRON Healthcare in the Netherlands, which enables efficient coordination of activities and the attainment of marketing objectives across European markets.

About OMRON Healthcare:

OMRON Healthcare is a global leader in medical devices and health technology, specializing in health monitoring and diagnostic equipment. The company is committed to health education and promoting awareness about the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and other lifestyle-related conditions. With its global presence and constant pursuit of excellence, OMRON Healthcare is synonymous with the highest quality and reliability in the medical industry.