17 April 2023

The 10th Anniversary of the ONE House Group: A Special Weekend of Team-Building!

The ONE House Group is celebrating a major milestone in 2023 – its 10th anniversary!

This is an important anniversary that not only demands reflection but also calls for heartfelt thanks to our entire, talented team, which has made invaluable contributions to the development and success of the company over the years. We would also like to express our gratitude for the commitment, creativity, and professionalism that have shaped ONE House Group into what it is today.

We marked this special occasion with a magical weekend getaway at the Bonifacio Spa & Resort. More than just a corporate celebration, it was a chance for our team members to bond more deeply with one another.

The event began with an intriguing team-building game, reflecting our everyday teamwork. Congratulations to Krzysztof Szumski and his entire time for winning the trophy! The game was not only a challenge, but also fun and inspiring, and we owe a big thank you to the Training Games Workshop for making it possible!

But that’s not all …

In the virtual reality zone, Kacper Dembek was unbeatable and took a well-deserved first-place award. We also have to thank Magdalena Maciąg for her flawless organization of the entire event.

Each member of our team is key to the Group’s success. Their invaluable work, passion, and dedication is what has allowed ONE House to achieve the success it has and is cause for celebration.

Below, you can see the smiles that capture the unforgettable moments from our anniversary trip! The pictures reaffirm that having fun together isn’t just a key aspect of our company culture; it’s also the foundation of lasting memories.

Thank you all for these 10 incredible years! Many more exciting years and celebrations together lie ahead!