14 December 2020

Market research at ONE House, from understanding needs to implementing recommendations

According to the accepted definition of marketing research, the goal of conducting marketing research is to gather, analyze, and interpret objective data, and then formulate conclusions. Insights from this research form the basis for making decisions regarding which marketing activities are needed for building a brand’s value and developing the business. ONE House gives its clients the opportunity to not only obtain accurate measurements, but also to transform them into profitable communications activities.

Guarantee of precision and effectiveness

Research allows us to make precise and specific insights about the brand, consumers, customers, employees, competitors, and all other aspects of the competitive environment. Marketing research is an invaluable tool for gathering the data needed to make wise business decisions that will impact the future of the company.

Marketing research is most frequently conducted for the purposes of:

  • defining the issues affecting the brand (e.g., what difficulties do our consumers encounter?)
  • solving these problems (e.g., what would make daily life easier for our consumers?)
  • making specific decisions (e.g., which of the proposed communication concepts would be most effective?)

Decisions based on marketing research and thorough analysis thereof, give marketing managers the confidence that they are making wise decisions because they are based on the needs and opinions of broad audiences.

Why choose ONE House for marketing research?

Market research and brand environment analysis can be utilized by, and tailored to the needs of, any size company. Contrary to popular belief, it is not reserved solely for large brands with dedicated marketing budgets.

Modern technologies allow small businesses to access valuable market research quickly and affordably. It is precisely these small companies, with less-known brands, that should take advantage of the available market research most in order to precisely tailor their product offerings to customer needs.

An agile and flexible approach to research for maximum effectiveness

A good market researcher must be attuned to reality and be able to adapt their analysis methodology to a constantly changing world. This requires a change in the research paradigm. And this is our approach at ONE House. We only use traditional research methods – understood as multi-stage, extensive procedures – in certain, justified cases. Instead, we focus our efforts on quick and agile research processes that do not place an unnecessary burden on our Clients’ marketing budgets and can be swiftly implemented in marketing strategies. Our approach shows that valuable research does not have to be time-consuming, costly, or excessively detailed.

Smart, cost-free data acquisition

When conducting the research process, we utilize all available sources of information about the brand. Generating new data is not always necessary, as we often already have valuable information on hand, such as from online forums or discussion groups where consumers share their experiences with a product or service and discuss their needs. A company’s employees, who have direct contact with customers, are another valuable source of information. Their knowledge and experience, when properly analyzed, can be an excellent source of insight into customer needs, desires, and habits.

Customized solutions – implementing recommendations

ONE House offers a proprietary approach tailored to the needs and budget constraints of our clients. We prepare research solutions that can be applied to real-world marketing activities. Unlike other agencies, we do not stop at providing recommendations. At ONE House, our recommendations can be implemented immediately, utilizing all our available resources – in line with our All for Marketing philosophy. This is what the process looks like: First, when starting research, we consider all the marketing needs of the client and how they correlate to the expertise of individual ONE House departments – Strategy, Creative, Media, Digital, Brand Activation, or Production. Second, we precisely define the research objective or objectives, depending on the complexity and stage of the project. Next, we propose research methodologies, utilizing both internal and external tools. The data collected is analyzed in the context of the client’s overall needs. Finally, we make recommendations on the optimal marketing activities and propose implementation guidelines.

In summary, ONE House offers a modern and comprehensive approach to marketing activities, providing clients with tailor-made research suited to their needs and budgets, combined with comprehensive marketing and communication actions. This is how the seeds of success are planted. We invite you to collaborate with us.

Katarzyna Żero

Senior Strategy Researcher, ONE House


Case study, how we work at ONE House

One notable case study involves a client who operates in the renewable energy sector. We faced the challenge of understanding the expectations of stakeholders interested in investing in this industry.

Before even starting the research process, we realized that the group of potential investors in Poland interested in our client’s services would be very small and insular. This is in large part due to the stringent formal and financial conditions renewable energy companies must meet as well as natural limitations. Moreover, investors are a diverse group, often with divergent expectations. These investors can include private individuals, governmental and non-governmental institutions, and corporations.

Due to the particular nature of the target group, we decided to utilize purposive sampling and leverage our client’s contact database. We also employed the snowball method, i.e., contacting existing study subjects and recruiting future subjects from among their acquaintances. Respondents included individuals and companies who were planning on investing in the sector, those in the process of investing, and those who had already made their investments.

The study comprised two stages:

  1. Quantitative Research – an anonymous online survey
  2. Qualitative Research – individual telephone interviews

The quantitative stage addressed the following subjects: factors which prompt the initiation of collaboration with a particular company, factors which contribute to ongoing collaboration (aspects of collaboration that lead to client satisfaction), opinions on the client’s brand, and satisfaction levels stemming from the partnership.

The qualitative research was conducted to deepen the insights gleaned from the quantitative study.

This research gave us essential knowledge in two key areas: first, we were able to understand the expectations of prospective investors regarding collaboration on renewable energy projects and, second, we were able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of our client’s brand.

After completing the research, we organized a meeting with the client in which we discussed our findings, refined the profiles (personas) of potential investors and identified their needs. The entire process took just under three weeks.

We utilized the marketing research to craft marketing strategies and communications for the client. The research allowed us to determine the company’s development direction, develop a marketing and communications strategy for the client, and subsequently prepare visual materials that serve as the foundation for communication with potential investors.

As the above example shows, at ONE House we approach the research needs of our clients individually and propose solutions that have practical applications in subsequent activities.

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