3 March 2021

ONE House’s revenues grew 55.3% in 2020

2020 was a difficult year for us all. The COVID-19 pandemic affected almost every aspect of our lives. It was a challenging year for businesses as well.

At ONE House, we had been preparing for an economic slowdown, and even a crisis, since 2018. Economic cycles clearly indicated that the period of continuous growth must undergo an inevitable correction. However, no one suspected that a scenario from a disaster movie would unfold around us and that COVID-19 would lead to everyone being essentially locked in their homes.

Due to the fact that we had been preparing for a downturn well in advance, we had sufficient time to implement the changes that allowed us to achieve such positive results for 2020. Here are the three key measures behind our success:

First off, ONE House increased revenues (in terms of sales) by 55.3%. This was a significant jump, especially considering that our goal was to achieve 40% revenue growth. This planned revenue growth was in itself an ambitious aim, and the fact that we shot well past it was a major achievement, especially considering the fact that industry-wide revenues fell 5-10% during the pandemic year.

Secondly, the average value of projects handled by our agency increased by 35%.

Our third achievement was prompted by the previous two; namely, the size of our team increased 16%. And this only accounts for a portion of our growth in this domain because recruitment processes started in the autumn mean that our employee count will grow by another 10% in the first quarter of 2021. By the close of Q2 2021, we expect to have more than 75 full-time employees on our team.

It is also worth noting that ONE House is a profitable agency. We have received Business Gazelle awards for our revenue growth and financial results for three years running.

Could we have achieved more in 2020? The answer to that is surely yes. We are already on the right path to implementing additional solutions that will enhance the agency’s capabilities, efficiency and security in the projects we undertake.

These successes and growth can largely be attributed to our Clients, to whom I would like to express my deep gratitude for placing their trust in us. Without you, these achievements would not have been possible. Special thanks must also go out to our entire Team, which can simply be described as fantastic. It has been both a pleasure and an honor to work with such experts in marketing communication. Thank you all very much!

Marcin Piecewicz, CEO ONE House