11 October 2022

Optimized tasks and systematized processes – what is our project management approach at ONE House Group?

For us, organizational development is a multi-stage process. One of these stages was organizing projects on an agency-wide basis, which allowed us to streamline the work of our employees and subcontractors. The pandemic forced many organizations to reorganize their workflow. Therefore, in response to the expectations of our employees and the complex business needs of our clients, we set a goal to implement advanced project management software.

Achieving that goal turned out to be very complicated because the requirements were not immediately obvious. We needed a tool that was versatile enough to serve multiple functions and would be accessible to every branch and subsidiary of the company. Consequently, we began searching for a software application which could cater to the needs of not only the Production and Creative teams but also to the Media division and our back office staff. The typical breakdown of tasks into ‘to do,’ ‘in progress,’ and ‘done’ categories did not quite fit the unique workflow of our operations.

We approached this project iteratively, beginning with a thorough assessment of needs and objectives. In numerous workshops, each department voiced its unique requirements, shaping our search criteria. We needed a multifunctional tool that would allow us to:

  • work on KANBAN boards
  • create project schedules
  • aggregate data from multiple boards into a single view
  • collaborate with both subcontractors and clients
  • monitor time spent on each project
  • assess project profitability and analyze financial data
  • manage media projects and new business projects
  • onboard new employees
  • accommodate remote work
  • provide individual workspaces
  • automate routine tasks
  • manage vacation days and vacation requests

While there are numerous software solutions on the market that fulfill many of our criteria, only a select few could meet them all. To find the perfect fit, we engaged in extensive research, consultations with software vendors, and matched our needs to the functionalities offered. Taking advantage of free trials helped us make an informed decision, leading us to choose Monday.com for our organization. This software allows for highly customizable board setups that adapt to various work styles and needs. Its flexibility, automation capabilities, and ability to manage permissions were of particular value.

Several months post-implementation, the benefits of the platform are clear. It has streamlined complex processes and made our workflow more efficient, especially for repetitive tasks. Now, all essential data is centralized. Improved work time tracking has enhanced our profitability analysis and enabled us to provide more accurate cost estimates. Additionally, having all data securely stored in the cloud ensures that we are well-prepared to handle unexpected situations, with fast access to information from any location.

Considering that Monday.com is utilized across our whole organization, which includes multiple companies, and extends beyond project management to simplifying onboarding new employees and handling vacation requests, it is clear why we rely on the software for comprehensive organizational management.



Martyna Jurek

Senior Project Manager