5 October 2022

Shadow High vs Rainbow High – Introducing the black-and-white fashion doll collection

August @ONE House was all about creativity in black and white. We developed the launch strategy for the new collection of Shadow High dolls on Instagram, which is part of the Rainbow High project for our client MGA. What started as a single creative initiative sparked a much broader campaign, culminating in a vibrant, colorful event! So, how did we implement this project?

We started by sending creative packages to influencers, which included:

  • Boxes adorned with a black bow and filled to the brim with black-and-white balloons
  • polaroids of Shadow High characters
  • personalized portraits of influencers who officially joined the Shadow High team
  • Shadow High dolls

The packages were met with great enthusiasm by the influencers, and the unboxing content they shared online sparked interest in joining the #ShadowHigh team.

In response to fan enthusiasm, we organized a contest with prizes that included a personalized portrait and light show featuring Shadow High characters. While this was happening, we ran an Instagram campaign spotlighting Shadow High School and its cast of characters and their unique talents, fueling the spirit of competition between Rainbow High and Shadow High.

The cherry on top was the “Team Shadow High vs Team Rainbow High” event we organized towards the end of August at the Be Happy Museum in Warsaw. Nearly a hundred fans took part. The set design, activities for kids, and appearances by influencers and YouTube celebrities transformed the setting into a fairytale realm filled with rainbows, glitter and contrasting greys.


Influencers, collectors, and lucky children who won tickets to the event over the course of five contests got to play with the latest Rainbow High dolls, watch premieres of episodes of “Project Eclipse,” and take part in team competitions. Over several hours, our young fans dove into activities inspired by the Shadow and Rainbow High characters: designing and decorating backpacks, crafting jewelry and bath bombs, trying out trendy rhinestone makeup and colorful hairstyles, posing for photo shoots, and relaxing in the cinema zone with popcorn. The event concluded with a vote for their preferred school, presentation of personalized diplomas, and the handing out of gift bags featuring the dolls. All the festivities were captured in photos and on video, helping boost the brand’s presence on Instagram.

This is a prime example of the synergy between innovative activities and out-of-the-box solutions that are becoming increasingly common in our projects. We can’t hide the fact that we enjoy these types of initiatives! The joy, positive emotions, engagement, and bright smiles on the faces of both children and their parents were the perfect culmination of our Shadow High launch.