21 June 2021

Our CEO, Marcin Piecewicz, will be a judge at Effie 2021

We are pleased to announce that ONE House CEO Marcin Piecewicz will be one of the judges at the Effie Awards 2021. He will be judging group VIII in the category “React & Defend, Smart Budget,” which is being organized by the Marketing Communcations Association (SAR).

The Effie Awards is the world’s largest and most prestigious marketing awards gala. The first Polish edition of the ceremony was held in 1999. The awards were created to recognize and reward the most effective marketing campaigns and solutions. Campaign effectiveness is measured by comparing the business objectives set before the launch of the campaign/project to actual outcomes. Awards are handed out across a variety of subcategories: traditional and alternative marketing, digital and print, paid and pro bono, ad spots, sales promotions, and product policy initiatives.

The Effie Awards sets the benchmark for and spreads knowledge throughout the industry. Campaigns and agencies that are nominated and recognized for their achievements become sources of inspiration and models for others to follow. We are proud that, this year, ONE House could be such a large part of this event.

Learn more about the Effie Awards here: : www.effie.org.