27 July 2021

The new Silver Models agency: launch of a platform for influencers and models over 50

We are pleased to announce that one of our subsidiaries, Silver Agency, has established a new company – Silver Models. This innovative platform will target influencers and models over age 50 and help them develop in both roles simultaneously. We created Silver Models in response to the growing desire of companies to market to and engage with the 50+ generation.

Silver Models is a platform for individuals over 50 who want to fully utilize their talents, develop their own social media profiles, and engage in collaborations with key brands. The platform is open to people from diverse backgrounds with varying degrees of experience, from beginners who have just decided to join the social media space to industry veterans. Silver Models’ mission is to raise awareness about the marketing and influencing potential that resides in older individuals. The new platform will offer substantive support for older people in creating and managing social media profiles and help promote them among audiences and advertisers. You can register with Silver Models for free by filling out the contact form on the website: www.silvermodels.pl.

“The potential of the 50+ generation as models and influencers is immense, more than most people realize. These are extraordinary people with passion, extensive knowledge and experience. They have everything, including the desire to captivate the world’s attention. Silver Models is the place that enables us to connect with and support these people who have so much to offer, whether it is on social media platforms or in advertisements. We believe that, with our assistance, silvers can be much more visible in the marketing arena than they currently are, as they can take active part in campaigns for well-known brands, pose in front of the camera or appear in commercials. In their case, age is an asset not a barrier,” says Łukasz Fijałkowski, Senior Influencer Marketing Specialist at Silver Models.

The platform is the natural next step in Silver Agency’s growth strategy and expands the company’s offerings to include support for modeling and influencer marketing for the 50+ age cohort.

For more information, see: www.silvermodels.pl