11 July 2022

The finale of the 3rd edition of StażUp – Interns’ perspectives on the program

The finale of the 3rd edition of StażUp – What do participants think of the internship program?


StażUP is a key component of our organization’s strategic plan. Over three years and three editions, the program has injected energy, fresh perspectives on projects, motivation, and a drive to learn, while also inspiring change and growth within the organization. We’ve just wrapped up the latest internship season, which gave us the perfect opportunity to chat with new team members at ONE House about their experiences. So, how do the interns see their StażUP experience? We spoke to Szymon, Ewa, and Przemek, who have recently become full-time members of our Production and Media teams.

Let’s start at the beginning. What did you think of the internship program recruitment process?

Szymon: The internship program caught my eye when I was looking through listings on one of the job portals. I browsed through the company’s website and decided to apply. After that, things moved very quickly. After a phone call from HR, I had an online interview scheduled. Within a week, I learned that I had passed the recruitment stage. What stood out to me during the interview was the clear explanation of the internship program’s procedures as well as the precisely-defined career development path.

Ewa: In my case, it was an Instagram ad that grabbed my attention, particularly the graphic design. Of course, the offer itself appealed to me, particularly the description of the program and scope of responsibilities. Just like Szymon, I went to the website to learn more.

So, the website influenced your decision. What was your experience Przemek?

Przemek: My experience was similar to Szymon’s. I came across the offer on a job portal. It captured my interest because I had already had some experience in the development arena. And this is the direction I see my career going. I received feedback that I had been accepted into the program just a couple of days after the interview.

So everything went smoothly. Over the course of your internship, what activities did you engage in, and which aspects were most important to you?

Szymon: Ewa and I joined the Media Department, more specifically, the SEM and Auction Media team. We were mainly responsible for creating, servicing and optimizing Google Ads, Meta Ads and programmatic campaigns. What’s most important for me is that I see progress and development in my skills. When I started here, I knew only the basic theory. Now, I not only understand the theory, but also know how to put it into practice. For such a short time, I must immodestly say, we are doing really well.

Ewa: That’s true. It’s going really well because we’ve gotten a big dose of knowledge. We value that.

Przemek: I also came here with only a general background. The difference is that I started in the Production department. I felt that this was a good time for learning. And it turns out that I made the right decision. Now, I support our team of developers in creating websites and implementing new functionality. Besides the work itself, I liked the relaxed environment, which allowed me to ease into the job.

That’s good to hear. This your first experience working in an agency. Did you find the stereotypes to be true?

Szymon: I heard that the work is tiring and stressful, but I haven’t felt either of those things.

Ewa: I used to work in a place where corporate culture dominated. And I have to admit that it was completely different [than at ONE House].

AT ONE House we work at the office, but also have the opportunity to work from home. Nevertheless, we do spend a lot of time in the office.

Szymon: I like coming to the office even though I don’t live nearby. I really feel comfortable here. I can always take a break from work, play some foosball, or just chill in a hammock. And then there’s burger Fridays—that’s become something of a tradition for us.

Ewa: Personally, I don’t eat burgers, but I appreciate the office’s nice and modern decor because it makes work more comfortable for me.

Przemek: I’ll say it again. A friendly atmosphere is crucial for me. But another important thing is that it’s easier to learn while in the office. When someone is nearby, you can just ask a question or meet up to talk at any time. It also improves team relationships since there is less distance between you and direct contact makes communication easier.

I’m sure you have goals for what you want to achieve in the near future. Could you share your plans with us?

Szymon: Within 2 years, I’d like to become an expert in SEM and Auction Media at OH. After that, I’ll go into politics.

Ewa: My immediate goal is to continue developing in my current area of interest. There are still a few subjects I’d like to master. After that? We’ll see.

Przemek: It might sound a bit trivial, but I like what I do. I want to keep progressing in my chosen field. I’ve found my niche, and my immediate goal is to become a junior developer.

You’ve gained not just knowledge but also valuable experience from participating in the internship program. What advice would you give to incoming interns?

Szymon: Ask a lot of questions and listen.

Ewa: And take notes!

Szymon: But focus on the most important things that will be useful to you later, so that you don’t miss any key information. Besides that, you need to understand the purpose of your work and get to know what others are doing in order to gain a broader perspective on how the agency operates.

Ewa: Don’t stress, because there’s no reason to!

Przemek: Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Szymon: The most important thing is to be honest and open-minded. Of course, talk about your expectations, and set common goals so that both sides are satisfied.

To finish up, let’s take a moment to reflect. These past three months have been an introduction to a new stage in your lives and professional development. How would you summarize your experience with StażUP?

Szymon: My answer might not be very original, but for me, it was an opportunity to grow alongside experienced professionals. The internship helped me augment my theoretical knowledge with practical experience. Since its start, I worked on real cases under the watchful eye of a mentor.

Ewa: Additionally, thanks to regular training sessions, we were able to gain knowledge that we wouldn’t have gotten from textbooks or the internet.

Przemek: I’m happy that I was able to take my, let’s say unique, experience and build on it thanks to being able to work on commercial projects under the guidance of experienced individuals. That’s probably the most important thing in my view.

As the saying goes, the first hurdles are cleared. But now, it’s not necessarily going to be smooth sailing. You’ll likely face many new challenges, but that’s exactly the key to personal development. We wish you nothing but success! Good luck!


You can learn more about the ONE House internship program, and read more testimonials from former interns who now hold full-time positions with the company, here: https://one-house.pl/stazup/

The next edition of the StażUp program will be upon us soon.