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Moviegoing is a popular leisure activity among Poles. Due to the diverse repertoire of movies, cinema-based advertising allows precise targeting of specific audience groups. Cinema guarantees high-quality delivery of commercial spots as the immersive environment ensures that ads are seen with optimal clarity and impact. Advertising in cinemas extends beyond the screen because it allows unconventional and complementary marketing activities, which can include unique in-cinema experiences or promotional tie-ins. Cinema ads effectively shape brand perception and resonate with audiences and they also excel at informational campaigns because there is a captive audience. At ONE House, we facilitate brand presence in leading cinema venues throughout Poland, from multiplexes to arthouse movie theaters, to ensure your brand reaches diverse audiences.


On-screen Advertising


  • Pre-film campaigns: Ads play before movies begin
  • Targeted on-screen campaigns tailored to specific audience segments (e.g., women, men, families) with advertising shown only before movies of a specific profile
  • Sponsorship opportunities (brands can sponsor selected film titles)
  • Ads in the traditional block, in the premiere block (between trailers) or in the special block (closest to the movie)
  • Branded content integration / product placement (seamlessly integrate your brand or product into the film’s storyline)
  • Private film screenings
  • Deliver ads in 3D format
  • Deliver ads in 4DX format


Off-screen Advertising (in common areas)


  • Auditoriums (sponsoring individual auditoriums (naming, branding), seat decals)
  • Cinema lobbies (posters, advertising stands, floor stickers, digital posters)
  • Interactive messaging using mobile marketing devices (Wi-Fi, special mobile apps)
  • Interactive experiences (interactive floors and tables)
  • Aroma marketing
  • Videomapping
  • Popcorn packaging
  • Tickets
  • Free product samples
  • Events
  • Restrooms (mirrors, stickers, floor decals)
  • Broadcast of spots on LCD screens throughout the entire cinema

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