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OOH (Out of Home), also known as outdoor advertising, reaches consumers in spaces outside their homes. Among all media types, OOH offers the greatest opportunities for geographically targeted campaigns, allowing you to focus on specific regions, cities, and even streets. Outdoor advertising also encompasses brand presence on buses, in shopping malls, and at ATMs (through digital out-of-home, or DOOH, channels), as well as unconventional ambient marketing initiatives. Outdoor advertising effectively builds brand image and performs exceptionally well in sales and clearance campaigns.


At ONE House, we work with all the leading outdoor solution providers in Poland, offering a full spectrum of options and original projects tailored to our Clients’ individual needs.


  • Campaigns at specific Points of Interest, e.g., near universities, schools, sports stadiums
  • Ad campaigns adapted to specific conditions, e.g., time of day, weather, etc.
  • Advertising campaigns integrating online, social media, and digital OOH
  • Campaigns on billboards: frontlit, backlit, citylit (including premium options), scrolling
  • Large format ads (mesh banners on buildings and other structures across Poland)
  • DOOH ads, both outdoor and indoor (e.g., Media Markt, Empik stores, shopping malls, sports facilities, gyms, swimming pools, hypermarkets, ATMs)
  • Digital Citylight advertising, i.e., digital signage LCD screens installed at bus stops (screens display proprietary content and a ticker with local information; the side panel features a button to bring up a map of the area and has an outlet for charging your smartphone)
  • Dynamic Backlight advertising (utilizes technology that allows a static picture to appear as if it is moving and changing by adjusting the backlighting)
  • Public transport advertising: vehicle wraps, framed ads on buses, trams and metro train cars, digital signage, posters, decals, ads on seats and hand rails
  • Ads on buses and trains, both inside and outside (local buses, PKS, PKP, Pendolino, TLK, regional carriers)
  • Ads at airports, train stations, highways and expressways, gas stations
  • All other ambient advertising: murals, projections onto buildings, balloons, zeppelins, and any other legally-permitted forms of outdoor advertising

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