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Marketing research allows us to build and enhance your brand image and position, better understand your customers‘ needs, set priorities, increase sales, minimize risks, and track patterns and trends. At ONE House, we conduct effective, high-quality quantitative and qualitative research using tried and tested methods, while utilizing cutting edge technologies and staying within our Clients‘ allotted budgets. Our research is comprehensive and covers: assessment of our Clients‘ needs, recommendations and their implementation, and measurement of results. Our motto All for Marketing is more than just a catchphrase, it defines our commitment to providing your company with a full range of marketing services.

  • Customer research – evaluating consumer attitudes and behaviors, segmentation analyses, customer satisfaction and loyalty studies, price sensitivity research
  • Analysis of the competition – analysis of how consumers perceive product categories, brands and products, competitive environment studies
  • Brand/product offer research – market position, brand image, brand awareness and recognition, usage & attitudes studies
  • Communication research – tests of advertising concepts, names and packaging, campaign trials and measurement of their effectiveness
  • Employee research – analysis of internal brand perception, employer branding research

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